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Being a Business Consultant is much like being a Psychologist

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10% of the time is spent on figuring out the solution and the rest 90% is spend on convincing the client it’s the right choice.

Quite often business men have way to high expectations towards the consultant. The consultant is not a magician who can bend reality and make your problem go away or some sort of super intelligence who can simply come up with a solution no one ever has though about. And this is not because he’s not smart enough, but because you and your colleagues no that stupid and probably know a thing or two about business as well.

There no way-outs out of a dead-end the only way is to go back reassess the situation and start fixing the damage.

I once had quite stupid interaction with a client. He described a problem they had and the only solution they saw out of there. The problem was that they didn’t like the solution, but wanted someone out of this world.

After analyzing the situation I told them that it’s indeed the only solution, but it’s not as bad as they think and actually if done right it will bring minimal damage. Quite surprisingly he didn’t like my assessment, because he hired me to tell him something he didn’t know already. It eventually took lot of time until he realized that it was really the best way to go.

You need business consultant not only to tell you what’s right, but to also have the courage to make the decisions you can’t.

Business owners are very attached to their companies, it’s like their baby and they care very much about it. This love combined with fear of loss often makes it very hard to make difficult decisions, especially those decisions where there’s no right and wrong, but all of the options are necessary evil.

Until you make a decision all options are still available to you, and only the choice makes all the others inaccessible. Thus a person feels that simply by making a choice he’s already done some damage. This is where skilled business consultant steps in. But not having any emotional connection with the company he’s able to rationalize the best solution and have the courage to carry it out.

Most of the times what consultant says is only an opinion, but it’s the correct opinion.

In most situations, especially in business, there’s no right, nor wrong. There’s only solutions that are easier, cheaper, faster, moral, etc. But you can’t have them all, only few of them are available for option. The consultants job is, by analyzing data, to find which option is most effective for he company. Quite often several options will lead the same result, but the road will be very different. A million companies can build a car, but unless you do it better than your competitors, there’s no place for you on the market. Having a successful business is about optimizing the little things, that will make the different and help you win.

Filip Poutintsev
Filip Poutintsev Crypto Currency, Anarcho-Capitalism and Life Extension Advocate. Bright Future of Wealth, Freedom and Longevity.

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