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What and why they teached wrong at school

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School is not about preparing us to life, it’s about brainwashing us to become an easily controlled citizen.

I spend my childhood in Finland and went through a full secondary education plan, which means studying for 12 years. 6 years of that was primary school, 3 years junior high school and 3 years high school. The last 3 years were voluntary.

While Finnish school system may be a bit different than in other countries, it’s still relatively same as in all western countries.

I don’t remember learning much in first 6 years, except how to read, write and count, so I will not focus on that time. And perhaps at that age learning this was enough. Instead I will focus on junior high school and high school.

The things we were not taught

Health education

While telling about danger of tobacco, alcohol and drugs is surely important that was it. No other health education was done. Nothing. And I don’t count forcing children to eat disgusting food they served at school as education of how to eat healthy.

Sex education

We knew everything about all sexual transmitted diseases, how not to get pregnant, how to use a condom, but they never teached us the most important thing: how to interact with opposite sex.

I remember one time after a sex education class, the teacher asked everyone of us to write down 1 question anonymously about sex and she would answer them all. I asked “how to find a partner?” Guess what? My question was totally ignored while stupid questions like “where to buy a condom?” were discussed. It took many years till I was taught an answer to this question by PUA (pick up artist) community.

The laws of my country

You guessed it right. During 12 years of school and high school there was not a single class there they teached the laws of my country. Luckily there were 2 voluntary classed about the topic, which I both took, but most of the students didn’t.

The stuff that was told there, was the most basic. And the funny thing is when you look at the gap of knowledge between what they taught in school and what they require at university, where you are supposed to go right after the high school. FYI, there was no such gap in chemistry, physics or math.

Human rights

Absolutely no. We didn’t even know that there is such thing as human right and that we as children had them.

How to get a job or how to get through a job interview

No. We were told that if we study long enough we would magically get a well paid job, but no one told us, how it would happen.

Economics and money

Oh no. We never told nothing about how our economic system works and how money are created. Some things, like the actions of our government were left untouched.


While we were taught what kind of political parties there are in Finland and how voting system works, were never told why the government does what it does and why we should trust our politicians in the first place. I guess this is the reason why same scum is being elected over and over again.

The things were taught too much

Math and Science

After finishing school all of us were practically base level specialists in science. Although this was not a bad thins, it was totally unnecessary as only 1% of all of us actually went to study science and would need that knowledge in later life.

And it also cause huge depression among lot of students, especially girls who were bad at it. I liked math and science, but even I understand that what I was told there I will never use in real life.

History, Religion and Culture

While I liked these subject, we were learning them way too much. The knowledge about all different cultures don’t bring any value, but just takes space in your brain. And teaching us religions which is basically a giant fairy-tale is just insane. Also it’s quite funny, that while they taught us almost everything what happened in the past they never told us that governments have killed 262 million unarmed people during 20th century. It was always an individuals like Hitler, Stalin or someone else, but never the government as an institution. When in fact those people did not commit those murders by themselves.

Finnish language

80% of all time spent in school was about studying the Finnish language. While the actual subject had only 20% of classes, the thing is that on ever other class we spent half of time writing reports and stuff, which was the same thing what we did on Finnish classes: writing. We wrote so much that after graduating everyone of us could become a professional writer.


Luckily when I was kid there were not that much LGBT, feminist and intercultural propaganda there were quite a lot green propaganda already. For example we spend half of the chemistry classes learning how to recycle. This led into growing up a brainwashed green-generation who believes all crap about cutting down emissions and does not even question global warming. Seeing what is going on today, I’m afraid to imagine what kind of lunatics there will be in 10–20 years when today’s children will grow up.

Why do they do this?

School system is not designed to raise smart individuals, capable of independent thinking. The government does not want that, as that kind of population is too hard to control. When people are smart they might just realize that they are being fucked and stop the madness. This is why government wants to raise sheep that will be smart enough to produce labor force, but stupid enough not to question anything. This is why they never teach critical thinking in school and tell us that truth comes from the authority. When you have been deceived your whole life, it’s hard to suddenly wake up from it when you are an adult.


When WWII ended and the Germany lost, do you know what was the first thing the Allies changed in the occupied territory?

They replaced all the teachers, because the kids had to be told new propaganda about guild and that it was Germany’s fault alone that the war started.

Filip Poutintsev
Filip Poutintsev Crypto Currency, Anarcho-Capitalism and Life Extension Advocate. Bright Future of Wealth, Freedom and Longevity.

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